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3 best varieties of early white cabbage


Early cabbage is distinguished by its positive and negative qualities. Its main advantage is considered to be a short aging period. But at the same time almost any of the varieties has its own characteristics in cultivation.

What white cabbage is called early

To it should be attributed quickly ripening varieties that are resistant to cold, cracking. But it must be remembered that for a long time this vegetable not stored, at the exit of it are obtained little coaches. In a word, you can not count on big harvests, but you will always be pleased with the first cabbage.

If there is a desire to get the earliest possible good harvest, the harvest of which falls on the first days of June, it is necessary to use a greenhouse for breeding cabbage. In this case, sowing of seeds for seedlings is carried out at the end of winter. A prerequisite for the growth of seedlings - the presence of artificial lighting.

Transplant seedlings in the greenhouse should be done in April, as soon as the shoots form the first sheets.
For the cultivation of early cabbage is recommended to organize greenhouses

Names of the most popular varieties

Cabbage varieties do not differ much from each other in their taste characteristics. As a rule, forks of their small size, from improper watering quickly crack. Such a vegetable is not suitable for long-term storage..

Among the main varieties are the following:

F1 transfer

Transfer is respected by many gardeners. Marking means that the plant is a hybrid, the seeds are not collected from it. The heads of cabbages are dense, juicy, practically crackless, weighing an average of about one and a half kilograms. Cabbage is suitable for making salads. Maturation occurs in 100 - 110 days.

F1 transfer


Already from the name it is clear in which month the culture ripens. This early variety is distinguished by rounded or rounded flat heads. At the time of aging, their weight fluctuates from one to two and a half kilograms. The leaves are green, turning to the center of the head in light green.

The main advantage - almost simultaneous ripening of the crop, the vegetative period is up to a hundred days.

Perfectly suitable for growing in open ground, able to tolerate small frosts, contains a sufficient amount of nutrients. Gardeners also noted weak resistance to cracking and increased sensitivity to moisture.



Another hybrid white variety, which has a lot of advantages. The main difference is resistance to damage by harmful parasites. The cabbage socket is raised, the diameter of the ripened head, according to the description, reaches 65 centimeters. The shape of the fruit is rounded, the foliage is dark green, and it is blue. Inside the head is painted in yellowish-cream color.

It has excellent taste, many gardeners grow it for subsequent sale. Vegetation period is 100-112 days.

It is grown exclusively in the open field, ripening the crop at the same time, in the early stages. From the moment the first shoots appear and until the full technical maturity begins, it takes about <106-112 days.
Cossack F1


It has a large number of useful items. White cabbage is enriched proteins, sugar, fiber, vitamins and other trace elements.

The annual consumption of this vegetable is growing, which has an impact on the extension of its use in the preparation of various dishes.

For the cultivation of early cabbage varieties certain conditions are necessary:

  • beds for its landing should light normallysoil composition should be different ease and be constantly hydrated;
  • Cabbage is planted at a certain time, only the particular climate in a particular area should be taken into account. As a rule, the terms are stretched from the end of March to the beginning of May;
  • when forming three to four leaves, seedlings are transferred to open beds;
  • optimal variant of the landing scheme - 30 × 60 centimeters;
  • seedlings should not be embedded too deeply. During the formation of kochanchikov cabbage should be periodically spud.
During the formation of kochanchikov early cabbage should be periodically spud

How to pick seeds of early cabbage

Acquire them only in special stores. Taking seeds from the market is not recommended, as you can get a bad harvest. Track on packaging material names and expiration dates of varietieswhich should be between four and five years.

On the quality of the seed material must be specified maturity, characteristics of courtship, batch number and company name.

Another prerequisite is that the variety of early white cabbage should correspond to the climate of your area. Today it is possible to order seeds via the Internet, which saves time, helps to find what is required.

Features of growing

To prevent disease sprouts sprinkled with wood ash

For a good harvest of early varieties, it is necessary to adhere to certain growing conditions:

  • vegetable respects water. However, watering should be done carefully, loosen the ground so as not to form a crust. In dry weather, on one calculation, on average, pours up to two liters of water;
  • planting seedlings in the garden is performed during the formation five - six leafletsat. At the first stage, seedlings should be covered from bright sunlight, after three weeks you can spend the first hilling;
  • early cabbage varieties are well tolerated any temperature condition, except strong heat. However, seedlings feel comfortable only at seventeen to twenty degrees of heat. At night, the mode can be lowered by seven degrees, which will help prevent excessive stretching of sprouts;
  • cabbage needs feed. Seedlings will require fertilizer formulations applied after irrigation. The first liquid feeding is done after the transplanted shoots take root in the beds;
  • for a good survival in the garden seedlings should be pre-hardened, carrying boxes on the balcony. This will allow the plants to gradually get used to the outdoor temperature;
  • soil loosening is performed throughout the bed to improve the ability for oxygen to reach the root system;
  • for the prevention of a number of diseases, transplanted sprouts treated with wood ash.

Cabbage rightfully takes pride of place on our table. This vegetable is really good for the body, and when it is properly grown it gives stable yields. You will always be provided with fresh salads and other delicious dishes.