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Keeping, breeding and caring for musk ducks


It will be about an interesting and beautiful form of ducks. Muscovy duck or she indo outcast is a profitable breed of birds. The name musky comes from the peculiar smell that stands out from these growths over the beak of these ducks. It is assumed that he has a real smell of musk.

This breed of birds from wild musk duckswho come from South America. There they are found, like forest ducks. Their desire to fly and sit on the branches of trees confirms this information. Meat Musk ducks are tasty, non-greasy, red, dietary. Due to their taste qualities and unpretentiousness in the care, they are popular in economic activities in many countries of Asia and Europe. Many experienced owners prefer only this type of ducks in their yard. Instructions on the breeding and maintenance of this breed, see below.

Appearance description

Muscovy ducks are different colors: white, black, blue, white and black, blue and white. The name Indouin was also acquired because of the growth of red-black growth near the beak, similar to that of turkeys. Therefore, they speak indoots. A detailed description of the breed is available below.

Indeodites especially like Jerusalem artichoke and potato tubers. From the use of Jerusalem artichoke in Indo-duck plumage begin to shine more beautifully. Ducks increase egg production, gain weight faster.

Like any duck, often like to feast on the remnants of food from the table after dinner family. Now it is not particularly difficult to search for good food, since in our time in stores you can buy different types of feed and vitamins for birds and animals.

This bird the nature quiet, meat breed, unlike other ducks, especially white, Peking, which are very noisy. Having observed these two species, any one mistress will like the indout. They are calm, hardy, in the yard they behave quietly and constantly away from the other bird. They do not like fights and companies of other birds. White ducks are often bored with their constant quacking, which is not true of the musk duck.

At first glance it seems that Indoor Dumbbut it is not. Sometimes they make sounds, but quiet, inconspicuous. They can “hum” like being in each other’s company. When a drake starts caring for a duck, it can also produce interesting attractive tunes.

Indotok family

Of course, like any other bird, musky ducks love walk in the wild, to graze, but they can be kept in cages, fences, if there is a great need for this. Or close to protect the bird from wild animals and other unforeseen events.

Often in the countryside, the owners love to let the indoutok walk freely, without looking after them. And they can go and slowly walk along the carriageway of roads and dangerous places, because of which they fall under the wheels of cars. Therefore, villagers should fence off and do not leave them unattended. This is especially at a time when they are gaining weight, and very heavy in weight and it is difficult for them to react quickly and develop speed in order to escape from danger.

They love clean ponds. This is important for indouka, as in polluted water bodies they can get sick, which is dangerous for the bird and may even die.

Detailed characteristics of the breed and methods of growing

Muscovy duck weight, drake, can reach up to 6 kg, and ducks up to 3.5 kg.

Indoout beautiful hens, of course, they are still inferior to white ducks, but this does not affect the disposition to this bird. Egg production - 100-110 eggs. Egg weight about 75 grams. Indelique lay eggs in cycles starting at the age of 180-210 days. Approximately five months rush, and ninety days rest, then rush again five months.

Independence on the household yard

Muskal ducks females are considered beautiful moms. They are not only able to hatch their eggs and diligently care for them, but also attentively treat their brood, ducklings. Preserve them, warm. Constantly in motion with them and teach the kids to tweak the grass, look for food. Little ducklings they are very obedient to their mothers, repeat all her movements and commands after her and are pleased with her care. Indo-juveniles can hatch not only their eggs, but also other birds; chicken eggs, goose.

There is still one small feature in looking after chicks, making a nest during hatching, so that the eggs do not roll out.

At its edges you need to put hay or straw a little more, lift the edges of the nest. That the hen turned out as if in deepening of a nest.

On average, 160-210 grams of feed are consumed per day. This is not a big dose, in comparison with the dose of food that the Peking duck consumes, it eats much more, so to grow a healthy bird of this breed is not so expensive. Still, of course, depends on the appetite of the bird itself and the caloric content of the feed.

Muscovy ducks need to be nutritionally fed, try to diversify food. In general, these ducks are not capricious in feeding, but, like any other bird, they need a variety.

They need to be fed with different types of grain: wheat, crushed barley, seeding, chopped corn. For the winter, be sure to stock up on herbs: nettle, dandelion, wood lice and other herbs, silage. Of course it will be useful to add vitamins to food, such as A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Su, H, C. Which are contained in feeds, premixes, food additives. Vitamins rich in vitamins, cereals, grass meal, fish oil, bran, yeast, peas, beans, beet greens, carrots and other herbs.

Types of Indo-ducks: brown wild, white and others

Muscovy ducks are different types: spines, dumb, Moscow. And have a lot of different colors. Especially the color and the appearance changes if the indoot interbreed with other domestic ducks. Such types of birds (hybrids) are called Mulardami. Regardless of the color of the male and female, the mulard chicks have a dark color.

Independent of different color

Muscovy ducks may have a white color, black and white, brown and white, black, blue, white with a pattern. Classified in such species as: brown wild, wild, wild blue and others. Attention is attracted eyes ducks, which are, for example, gray-blue, brown, light brown. These ducks are especially beautiful because feathers on the wings and tail can flow beautifully.

Dilution and maintenance of musk duck at home

Independence love cleanliness and dryness. For them it is important to prepare the room clean and bright, also spacious, so that it is convenient to sit at night, because indoots do not like tightness.

The most comfortable floor for ducks is a net, it should occupy 2/3 of the house. The size of the cells in the mesh floor is 24 by 24 mm, the distance from the mesh to the floor is 30 cm. It is advisable to make the mesh freely rising so that it is convenient to lift and clean the house.

Muscovy ducks love walk in the wild. Sometimes indoouts can fly up to trees or roofs. This needs to be remembered, especially if you have neighbors, because then you have to collect them in a neighboring yard, and even to security dogs can get.

Muscovy duck is fastidious to cleanliness and, moreover, it affects the period of its laying. Desired air temperature is 18-20 degrees, but not lower than 15 degrees Celsius.

The litter can be made from dry straw, hay, large and small sawdust, but only so that the litter does not linger for a long time, since the disease aspergillosis can break out due to mold and dirt.

Care and feeding of ducklings in the early days, the choice of feed

It is advisable to feed small ducklings at the age of three days with chopped chicken or duck egg.

Then gradually add to food cottage cheese, various small grain mixtures in milk or broth. You can also give herbs, especially nettle, dandelion.

In two weeks add boiled potatoes to the food, Jerusalem artichoke, as already mentioned above, that this product is especially loved by ducklings, and Jerusalem artichoke contributes to the rapid growth and gain in weight of indoutok. Gradually injected grain lure already grown up ducklings. Grain and can boil at first.

Muscovy Ducklings

Care for ducklings must be careful. Duckling can be taken from under the hen only half an hour after it hatched from the egg. But immediately you need to cook them warm place and heating, as they need care and warmth. Put a warm heating pad on the bottom of the box, and install a heating lamp at the top. Make sure that the heater does not cool for a long time. Eat they start on the second, third day. They do not know how to eat right away, so they need help by feeding food to the beak. The next day, the ducklings themselves will be able to use food.


Not a very pleasant topic, but important because musk ducks, although considered to be a bird with high immunity, can also become infected and die from viruses and various diseases.

This may be viral hepatitis, lack of feathering, pasteurellosis or cholera, aspeglysis, salmonellosis.

If time to detect disease, it is quite successful to cure a bird with an antibiotic "Terramycin". because of viral hepatitis The liver of musk ducks can be severely affected, which then leads to their death.

The best method of dealing with this disease is vaccination chicks. The Capevas vaccine is used for this purpose. Do it twice, after four and eight weeks of life ducklings.

Advantages and disadvantages of ducks of this breed

Musk-breed duck and drake

This bird, musk duck, is almost difficult to find. limitations, except for special attention to cleanliness, dryness and temperature. Indeot hardy bird. They look beautiful in the yard, even to some extent, serve as its decoration. Important, big beautiful drakes are slowly pacing on the grass, brown or white duoys quietly stand in groups one next to the other. They try not to drift far from each other, make quiet beautiful sounds. Sometimes you want to stop and listen to their "quiet speech." It is very pleasant to watch them, especially ducklingsas they quickly run after mom, wallowing in different directions in their beautiful black "Caps" on the head. And all ducklings must be in black "glasses". They are just incredibly beautiful and it is not surprising that children love them and can play tirelessly with them all day long. What are they funny!

Indo-talk reviews, tips on how to keep and feed

I can leave only positive feedback, because I myself had to grow such a type of duck as musk. Meat excellent taste! Low-fat, which even immediately could not believe. Subcutaneous fat almost completely absent. It does not have a specific unpleasant odor, like a common white domestic duck. The smell of which, even when cooking with spices, was not always removed. Although indouin and grow longer, but its taste and great weight they cover this flaw.

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Muscovy ducks are of particular interest in the production of tasty lean meat and in the future this bird can become very popular. Although she has already gained great interest in different countries of the world. Poultry farmers seriously engaged in her growing. In addition, hens are the best hensthat can hatch a large number of eggs and not only their own, but also other birds.

Muscovy duck sitting on eggs

If there are poultry farmers who have not tried to acquire musk ducks, good advice: Try it for sure! And you will not be disappointed. You'll like it delicious meat this bird, and it is much easier to care for them than for an ordinary white domestic duck.