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Instructions for use of the drug enromag for birds


When breeding domestic breeds of birds - chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, do not forget about their health. After all, if the birds get sick, it will not lead to anything good. It is better to begin to monitor the health of individuals from birth, this will significantly reduce their mortality, provide a strong and full livestock. Besides young animals are particularly susceptible to various viral and infectious diseases, since young individuals have a rather weak immune system. Therefore, do not delay, it is desirable to start as soon as possible preventive treatment with the help of enromag poultry farms. And about the instructions for the use of this tool, and for what ailments should be used, we will tell in detail.

What diseases are used enromag

Enromag - this is an antibacterial drug, containing in its composition the main component - enrofloxacin. It has a wide effect, has an effect on pathogens that are resistant to the effects of many antibiotic drugs.


It is prescribed for treatment and prophylactic purposes. during the following bacterial diseases:

  1. Colibacteriosis;
  2. Salmonellosis;
  3. Enteritis necrotic species;
  4. Streptococcosis;
  5. Mycoplasmosis;
  6. During diseases that are caused by bacteria with susceptibility to fluoroquinolones.


It is worth noting that the tool is available in two types, so the dosage is determined depending on the type of medicine is different. To begin, consider the types of tools:

  • Enromag is used for oral administration.. In 1 ml of the product there is 100 milligrams of the main component of enrofloxacin. In 10 liters of water diluted with 5 ml;

  • Enromag 10% in the form of a solution for internal use. In 1 ml of the product there is 100 mg of enrofloxacin. The medicine is given in the dosage of 5 ml per 1 liter of water.
Enromag for internal use

Means are given in conjunction with food - 100 milligrams of medicine are added to 1 kg of food.

The effect of the drug lasts a day, so do not drink the water with the agent should be poured and pour a new one with the medicine. The course of treatment lasts at least three days!

How to apply for chicks, instruction

For chickens

Rearing chicks - This is not an easy task, because the chicks have a weak immunity and are subject to the influence of infectious diseases. Many of these diseases are contagious, so it is worth getting sick one chick, as a result of all infected bird livestock. It is necessary during the time to provide appropriate treatment, otherwise the chicks will die.

Rearing chicks

Often chickens become infected with infectious diseases. - colibacteriosis, salmonellosis, streptococcosis, mycoplasmosis. These are serious pathologies and if they are not treated they will surely lead to the death of the chickens.

For the treatment and prevention of infections chicks give enromag remedy. The oral solution is given in a dose of - 5 ml per 10 liters of water. Water 10% means. It is given in a dose of 5 ml per 1 liter of water. Diluted solution watered day. The treatment period lasts 3 days.. After that, the bird is watered with vitamins.

It is worth noting that during salmonellosis medication give longer - 5 days. Since this is a serious disease, and 3 days for treatment is sometimes not enough!

Do not give it together with chloramphenicol and steroids. It is better to combine it with vitamin complexes.

For broiler chickens

Chickens broilers have weak immunity, poor body resistance to infections. Often broiler chickens suffer from colibacillosis, salmonellosis, microplasma, streptocosis.

Broilers chickens

Of course, from the very first days For the chicks, proper care is provided, food with a high content of vitamins is provided for proper growth and strengthening of the immune system. But sometimes this is not enough. If a bird has an infection, then immediately the appropriate treatment is provided with the help of enromag.

For broiler chickens, give the agent in the form of oral solution and in the form of a 10% solution. The first type is diluted in water in dosages - 5 ml of medication is diluted in 10 liters of water. Water this solution need for a day. The second type is diluted in water, but in other dosages 5 ml of medication is added to 1 liter of water. This solution is watered day.

The course of treatment lasts 3 days, with salmonellosis 5 days. After treatment, the chicks are given vitamin complexes.

For goslings

Breeding geese requires a lot of strength and patience. Beginning since the appearance of the first chicks, they provide complete care and create comfortable conditions. The first thing is settling down a place for their content, there should not be drafts, dampness, otherwise the goslings will get cold. A cold is difficult to cure, and sometimes it turns into serious forms.

In addition to colds, young animals are susceptible to infections. - colibacteriosis, salmonellosis, mycoplasmosis, streptocosis and many other dangerous diseases. At the first signs of these diseases, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment with enromag.

Growing goslings

The drug in oral solution is given together with water in the following dosage. - 5 ml of medication is added to 10 liters of water. Goslings shall be watered with this solution for no more than 24 hours. The drug in the form of a solution with a concentration of the active ingredient of 10% should also be given with water in the dosage - 5 ml of the drug is added to 1 liter of water. With this solution, sick chicks are watered no more than a day.

Course treatment means enromag for goslings is 3 days, with salmonellosis 5 days. After treatment, chicks should be given vitamin supplements.

For poults

Turkey birds are considered the weakest of all bird species.. They are most often subject to infectious diseases. At the same time, it is necessary to get sick of one individual, and others immediately start to hurt, and if the treatment is not timely provided, the bird livestock perishes.

Sure to for full growth and development appropriate care and full control of the health of chicks should be provided. From the very first days of the appearance, the poults should be given vitamins, complete food with a high content of nutrients for active growth and development. It is important to carry out preventive treatment for infections.. For the prevention of mandatory use of the drug enromag.

Growing turkey poults

Dose of medication same as for other species of chicks. The oral solution is given in a dose of - in 10 liters of water dilute 5 ml of the product. This solution is watered no more than 24 hours. A medicine with a concentration of the active substance of 10% should be given in a dose - 5 ml of product per 1 liter of water. This solution chicks watered during the day.

Duration of treatment with enromag makes 6 days, at a salmonellosis 5 days. After treatment, it is necessary to give vitamin complexes.

For other birds

For chicks of other bird species - ducks, quails, pigeons, guinea fowls, it is necessary to provide appropriate care for the full development. It is imperative to monitor the health of the bird population in order to prevent serious diseases in the early stages.

In addition to full care, carry out prevention of infections. - colibacillosis, salmonellosis, mikkoplazmoza, streptokkoza and others. In these cases, treatment is carried out using the drug enromag.

Growing doves

For the treatment of used two types of funds. In the form of a solution for oral administration is given in a dose - 10 liters 5 ml funds. Chicks watered during the day. In the form of a solution with a concentration of the active component of 10% should be given in dosage - 5 ml of the drug per 1 liter of water. To feed the chicks with this solution should be no more than a day.

Duration of treatment for infectious diseases makes 3 days, at a salmonellosis 5 days. After treatment, the young should be given fortified complexes.

For adult birds

For adult birds of various kinds - Chickens, broilers, geese, turkeys, ducks, carry out prevention of various infections. Although adults do not suffer from infectious diseases as often as chicks, it is still necessary to secure poultry farms in advance and carry out preventive measures.

Domestic duck

For the prevention of colibacillosis, salmonellosis, mycoplasmosis, streptocosis and other infections of this species are given the drug enromag. It is given in two forms:

  1. Oral solution given together with water in the dosage - for 10 liters of water 5 ml of the product;
  2. In the form of a solution with an active ingredient concentration of 10% give in a dose - 5 ml of medicine per 1 liter of water.

Duration of treatment and prevention is at least 3 days. During salmonellosis for at least 5 days. After the treatment, vitamin complexes are mandatory for the entire bird population.

Side effects

With the right dosages and in full compliance with instructions for use no side effects occur. Sometimes poultry farmers double their doses and even triple them. Such experiments can lead to slower growth and lag in the development of birds.


This drug is practically has no contraindications. It is not advisable to give to individuals who are allergic to this agent.

Also do not give to laying hens, because the agent can get into the eggs that are consumed food. If medication treatment is a must, then the eggs are not eaten for the duration of the treatment.

Slaughter of birds is allowed only on the 11th day after medical procedures. In addition, in no case enromag should not be combined with chloramphenicol, macrolides and tetracycline.

Pharmacological properties

The main active component of the tool - enrofloxacin, consisting in the group of fluoroquinolones. The basis of the effect of enrofloxacin is the inhibited effect on the activity of the enzyme hygrase, which provides for DNA replication in an infectious cell. It has a bactericidal effect on the cells of pathogens. It has an active effect on the gram-positive and gram-negative species.


During ingestion, the body quickly spreads through the organs and reaches its maximum concentration in 0.5-1 hour. After taking a single dose, the drug remains in the body for about 24 hours. Excreted from the body through the kidneys with urine.

Poultry are exposed to infections that can lead to serious consequences, even death. Be sure to carry out timely prevention, it turns out to be treated and provided with appropriate conditions for the normal functioning of the bird population. Control and complete care - These are the main components of poultry health.